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About Us

About Us

Ayurved Seva Sangh, Nashik is a public charitable trust. It is an eminent social and educational institution which has been working in the field of health services through Ayurveda.

The institution was established at Ahmednagar in 1924 and was shifted to Nashik in 1945 and since then it has been doing substantial work in the field of health sciences. Patriotic workers had soul the seeding of this institution in pre independence era. The seeding has today grown in big blossom tree. Ayurved Seva Sangh is doing various major activities in which one of the activity is Aushadhi Bhavan. AUSHADHI BHAVAN, AYURVED SEVA SANGH, NASHIK is well reputed manufacturing concern, manufacturing genuine, effective Ayurvedic medicines over a span of 90 years.


Aushadhi Bhavan is not merely a proprietary manufacturing concern earning just profits, its main object is to make available genuine scientific traditional Ayurvedic medicines to common man.  Secondly the students of Ayurved Mahavidyalaya are being benefited by learning the processes of manufacturing the traditional Ayurvedic medicines.

Majority prepared medicines are about 130-150 traditional medicines as described in Ayurved texts and Samhitas, and about 30-35 medicines which are based on long study experience, research and clinical trials by renowned persons, some of these preparations are PATENTS. Our trade mark is Banyan Tree which is a symbol of Vigour, Vitality, Strength and Longevity. In the same fashion Aushadhi Bhavan has grown into a big tree in the field of Ayurved, add still continues to grow steadily. Large number of physicians, leading practitioners, consultants in every discipline trust the quality and prescribe our preparations with confidence.

Presently we have full-fledged distribution arrangement throughout the state of Maharashtra and in neighboring states viz. Gujrat, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Karnataka, etc.

Our Products


With the great heritage of Ayurvedic scientific research studies, we are committed to manufacture genuine and scientific Ayurvedic medicines to serve all human beings and to provide best quality healthcare solutions with therapeutic excellence of high quality standards for all human beings.


To Propagate and Promote Ayurveda Across the Globe.

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